Client Testimonials

Raychl Speigner was instrumental in assisting St. Philip in obtaining a Food Pantry grant from the Ohio District Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. The grant is being used to feed many families in the Mount Pleasant area of Cleveland, Ohio. We certainly appreciate Raychl’s willingness and expertise to help St. Philip make a difference in lives of many people in our community.
— President, St. Philip Lutheran Church
Raychl demonstrated her intellectual aptitude and capacity in quickly learning the systems and processes used in our department when it came to donations, and most importantly, events and appearances. Raychl could think critically about coming up with ideas on how to resolve certain situations.
— Former Colleague
Raychl Speigner is an incredible grant-writer. Without her hard work and dedication, I would not have been able to get my grant proposal to the exceptional state that it has now reached. Creating a grant proposal was a very unfamiliar and daunting task for me. I had no idea where to begin or which information to include, but with the advisement of Raychl, my proposal now includes all necessary information in the clearest and concise format possible. It felt amazing to know that I was working with someone who cared about my work just as much as I did. I absolutely would recommend Raychl to anyone looking for grant writing assistance!
— Mycheala H.
Raychl demonstrates a patience and professionalism that is incredibly helpful when onboarding a new employee. She is friendly and accommodating—always inquiring how she can be supportive.Raychl was instrumental in my onboarding process. It was clear the work she had done, and the work of those she supervised, ensured stable revenue streams for YI.
— Senior Development Director, Young Invincibles
I had the honor of meeting Raychl Speigner, Founder of Speigner Grant Solutions at a nonprofit networking event in spring of 2016. After an impressive encounter, Raychl Speigner and I remained in contact. A year later she has served as a guide and an extraordinary consultant to An Earthly Embrace Inc. As An Earthly Embrace grows and works to gain funding through sponsorships, donations, and grants, she has shared her knowledge and assisted us in all categories.

Ms. Raychl Speigner has proven to be a true professional. In addition to her undeniable professionalism, she is energetic, sincere, passionate, knowledgeable in her field. We look forward to her involvement in our continued success.
— Founder, An Earthly Embrace